Analog Electrics

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Analog Electrics

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Analog Electrics is a stack of 11 guitars, bass and a vintage electric piano. We used vintage amps and a whole lot of tubes to make sure our samples have as much richness as possible. Real instruments, recorded in real spaces with all the functionality of a synthesizer with full effects.

Tech Specs

  • 4 Plugin Types: AU, AAX, VST3, and standalone app, compatible with all major DAWs. (Not currently supported by Garageband.)
  • 11 Sampled Electric Guitars, Basses, and an Electric Piano (at 3-5 unique velocities)
  • 1,921 samples- disk space required about 1.3GB
  • Onboard Mixing faders for all Instruments

Analog Electrics

At Nightfox Audio, we believe in the power of moving air and capturing real audio. With that in mind, we set up amps and mics to create a virtual instrument that features 11 real electric guitars, basses, and an electric piano, meticulously sampled over the entire fretboard and keyboard, at 3-5 unique velocities. Use them as solo instruments