Nightfox Audio is passionate about creating virtual instruments that accurately capture the unique sound and character of real instruments. All of our instruments start with an organic, authentic sound, and then we give you the freedom to stack them together and treat them like synthesizers. Our plugins are designed for music producers, composers, and musicians who want to enhance their sound with inspiring tones and expressive performances. We spent so much energy in the sampling process to capture the nuance and detail of the original instrument, while leaning into the unpredictable qualities that inspired us.

We believe that inspiration for a song can start with a sound, so our goal is to make products that get you to that magic faster, no matter what kind of music you make. Whether you’re a composer working on a film score, a pop producer, a beatmaker, or a solo artist looking to expand your sound, we invite you to explore our plugins and experience the way our technology can make your creative process easier, faster, and more inspired.

Philip Zach

Philip Zach

Philip Zach is a record producer and artist with a recording studio downtown Lincoln, NE. A founding member of the band Remedy Drive, he toured all over the world for almost a decade before opening The Grid Studio and launching his solo project, Arrows and Sound in 2011. He now produces for artists from around the world and writes original music for film and television.

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