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Nightfox Audio builds inspiring tools for music makers. Whether you’re a producer, composer or a beat maker, we’ve done all the hard work of sampling over 100 high quality instruments with tons of character so you can just focus on making great music. Our plugin lets you stack up to 12 sounds to create brand new hybrid tones and shape them however you want. Now, wherever you go, you’ll have the power of a full recording studio at your fingertips.

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Tools to Boost Your Creativity

We build instruments that drive your creativity and nudge you towards innovation in your music. Nightfox Audio plugins are designed to let you stack up to 12 instruments to create brand new hybrid sounds within seconds, and then you can shape your tones with plenty of onboard fx so you can find inspiration quickly. All of our plugins have an arpeggiator and a melody builder that help you perform sounds you may not be able to recreate based on your skills and available instruments. These tools can unlock your creative potential so you can bring to life what’s been playing in your head.

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Find Inspiration from Instruments with Character

We build virtual instruments with character. There’s something special about the way sound waves interact with strings and wood. Real instruments have unpredictable artifacts, overtones, and harmonics, so we retained all of those nuances to bring you a tool that inspires you to create something truly unique.

Studio Quality Samples at Your Fingertips

At Nightfox Audio we believe virtual instruments should sound and feel like real instruments. That’s why we used the best mics and preamps, hired on the best session players, and we’ve sampled every key, string, and fret, with a full velocity range, so you have the power of a full recording studio with you wherever you go.

Philip Zach
“I love the Nightfox Audio plug-ins! They’re visually stunning and super intuitive! The sampling is some of the best I’ve heard so using the sounds doesn’t feel any different than my live instruments. All of the effects and modulation could be used by somebody who has no idea what they even do so it’s easy to come up with new textures on the fly!"
Jonathan Leach

Jonathan Leach

Black Ophanim

"I love the sounds I’m getting from Nightfox Audio! The interface makes it easy to create unique and original sounds with ease. The quality of the sounds is top notch. Definitely my go to when creating musical layers in the studio. Highly recommended."

Jerome Fontamillas


"The beauty of Nightfox Audio sounds is immediately apparent but what makes this platform so unique is the way it inspires originality. The interface pushes me to be more creative and takes me places sonically where I would never have gone without it - it’s like I’m being nudged towards innovation."
David Zach

David Zach

Remedy Drive

"Whether I’m spitballing raucous alternative beats for Club Danger, laying down the low end with Vyceroy, or painting ambient soundscapes as Brique a Braq, Nightfox has become my go-to source for inspiration. I love the flexibility of blending a tremendously wide palette of sounds that I otherwise wouldn’t have thought would play well together. And then arpeggiating it? This fox is truly fantastic. "

Derek Mount

Family Force Five, Juno Kids, Club Danger, Brique a Braq

"I absolutely love the Nightfox Audio plug-in set! They're instantly cool and fresh sounding, and because of the multi-variability and power of the plug-in, no two people would ever come up with the same ideas.  An instant multi stack of colors and tones with so much control. Beat creation is sick. Every time I pull it up I'm off book and really fresh."
Jason Germain

Jason Germain


"I love the tones I’m able to get from Nightfox Audio. The plugins allow me to quickly layer and create sounds that are a perfect blend of organic and synthetic. I would highly recommend!"
Christian Hale

Christian Hale

"Nightfox Audio has done it! These sounds are so compelling and make me want to write a new song with each new plugin. My favorites are the felt piano, the strings, and some of the atmospheric keys. You’ll be hearing a lot of these sounds on my future projects!"
Paul Zach

Paul Zach

Porter's Gate, The Silver Pages

"The visual representation of what is happening sonically helps me understand what is happening when I turn knobs. For a songwriter that’s never been trained in musical production or studio work, the interface provides me with both instruction AND inspiration. It's powerful yet simple, and it allows me to stay wrapped up in the extraordinary landscapes without being weighed down by complicated technicalities."
David Zach

David Zach

Remedy Drive

"There is a sample behind every note of chromatic instruments, as you mix the sample banks to come up with your own piano sound even note to note it sounds like integrity. The interface is intuitive for a demo studio and powerful enough for a seasoned producer. Demo Nightfox and I told you, I TOLD YOU!"
Jason Germain

Jason Germain


"I love these plugins for the ability to blend organic elements with a synthetic approach to quickly create inspiring, fresh sounds. This "single plugin" method allows my creative process to be more efficient when chasing production ideas in the moment."

Dylan Parker

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